Yukar Lux

by Naoto Fukasawa


The name, YUKAR LUX, meaning “epic poetry” in the Ainu language denotes our respect and gratitude toward the nature of Hokkaido. This living-room furniture series was designed in a way to enhance the natural beauty of Hokkaido oak. The beauty essence of this collection is drawn out by the ultimate balance of the curved lines and surfaces of the sofas with a unique sitting comfort and tables with a sublime wooden texture and functionality.

The series was developed under the concept of “sofa for those living in high-rise apartments in urban areas”, and started off by making sofas with a width of 2000 mm to fit the elevators and doors of such apartments. The armrests were designed to turn inward, which emphasized the level orientation, and this led to creating a sofa of a compact size with a roomy sitting comfort. By employing this sofa in combination with the armchair, you can create a more relaxing and cozy living room.

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Yukar Lux Sofa & Coffee Table
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